A tech-first approach

to global equities

Minotaur Capital has taken a technology-driven, AI-led approach leading to a differentiated global equities fund chosen by tech-savvy, entrepreneurial investors.

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The Minotaur Global Opportunities Fund

The Minotaur Global Opportunities Fund is a global equities fund that seeks to achieve superior risk-adjusted returns by harnessing in-house technology and AI to augment long-term, fundamental investing.

The fund launched on May 10, 2024 and is now open to Australian Wholesale Investors with monthly unit pricing and monthly applications and redemptions.

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Technology enhanced idea generation and triage

We are the first global equities fund in Australia to be led by AI, differentiating noise from signal in an efficient manner.

Portfolio managers unlike any you have ever seen before

We have 35 years’ experience in funds management and believe we have one of, if not the only, fund manager in Australia who knows how to code and develop software.

An unrivalled network where technology meets investment

Our history includes investing early into some of Australia’s most innovative startups and managing the wealth of our most well-renowned tech entrepreneurs.

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Frequently asked questions

Why did you call the firm "Minotaur"?

Our name, inspired by the half-human, half-bull creature of Greek mythology, reflects our multifaceted approach. Just as the Minotaur combined human intellect with bestial strength, we marry the depth and nuance of human insight with the power and discipline of systematic processes.

What makes Minotaur unique?

At Minotaur, we leverage cutting-edge AI and software to supercharge traditional investment processes. By making our approach software-first, we can generate better and more efficient investment outcomes. We use AI at every step – from idea generation to portfolio construction – to gain a competitive edge.

Our fund managers' unique combination of skills sets us apart. Thomas, one of the few fund managers in Australia with the ability to code and develop software, has built our proprietary AI-powered system. Armina brings valuable insights from her experience working closely with successful technology company founders.

Despite our collective 35 years of experience in the finance industry, we remain open to diverse perspectives and are willing to explore a broader investment universe than typical developed market fund managers. Our strong networks in the start-up and technology space provide us with unparalleled access to innovative investment opportunities.

At Minotaur, we combine the power of AI with our unique expertise to deliver exceptional results for our investors.

What is the firm's investment philosophy?

At the core of the Minotaur Method is a belief in the importance of understanding the fundamental drivers of a business and the long-term prospects for value creation. We are unwavering in our focus on the long-term, as we believe that over time, stock prices ultimately converge with the intrinsic value created by the underlying company.

The foundation of our investment thesis is always a deep understanding of a company's long-term prospects, competitive advantages, and growth potential. We seek to identify companies with durable competitive advantages, strong leadership, and clear paths to value creation. Rigorous analysis of these factors is the bedrock of our process.

For more detail, read about our investment philosophy and approach here.

What are the fund's leverage limits?

The Minotaur Global Opportunities Fund has a net exposure limit of 110% (longs minus shorts), and a gross exposure limit of 150% (longs plus shorts).

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